Ich habe aufgehört zu fragen, ob ich Kommentare von Menschen hier veröffentlichen darf. Sobald ich merke, dass neue Kommentare erwünscht sind, kann ich wieder anfangen zu sammeln und die Webseite aktualisieren.

Eine Auswahl der Kommentare Phase2 und Phase3 (Jahr 2007-2015)

"er ist endlich da ;) und ich antworte dir jetzt erst ;))
Ich bin echt total Positiv überrascht, er fühlt sich so echt an. Er ist geschmeidig,
er schaut einfach Genial aus !!! Einfach nur allen Respekt für diese Detail Arbeit.
Die Pumpenfunktion find ich super und habe schon fleißig geübt und es funktioniert."

A. Germany, February 2015

j'ai bien reçu, votre chef d'uvre :)
merci je trouve qu'il est plus solide....
bravo et merci

S. France, January 2015

after receiving new a phase3. He also had a Phase2, as well as a previous phase3 from June 2013




I really appreciate your excellent services and never regret of purchasing the prosthetic from you.


P. New Zealand, January 2015 

while ordering a 2nd Phase3. Previous Phase3 since July 2013 




Bin immer noch dankbarer Träger deine Super klasse Prothese.

Viel Glück bei der Weiterentwicklung.


N. Germany, January 2015


wearing his prosthesis since April 2013




Zu meiner Prothese noch ein paar Worte:

Ich könnte mir ein Leben ohne sie nicht mehr vorstellen! Sie hat nicht nur mein Selbstwertgefühl unglaublich erhöht.

Sondern auch das Sexualleben mit meiner Frau unheimlich bereichert.

Tausend Dank nochmal für deine wunderbare Arbeit, bitte mach weiter so.

Ganz Liebe Grüße

A. Germany, January 2015

wearing his prosthesis since December 2013

Just wanted to let you know I received my prosthesis yesterday and WOW it is amazing! I half expected to be let down to some extend because it seemed to good to be true. But the detail is incredible it looks so natural, every part of it, it feels natural, down to every little detail! I have not recieved the adhesive yet so I will give an update once I do. The exit valve was a little challenging at first but once located it was so simple to pump and then release. I really like how the blue knob is hidden behind the skin making it look even more realistic. I would recommend your prosthesis to anyone. I cannot begin to tell you how satisfied I am!

Thank you much, more updates to come,

L. USA, Oct 17th 2014

The best yet!
I want to thank you for your continued work on the phase 3. This project has exceed my expectations  and dreams would have never made me believe a person can create such a realistic prosthesis. Your ambition to succeed with this project is written all over your products. This has brought me to a level of confidence I have never felt until now.  Again thank you for your support and help with everything. I'm looking forward to the STP release when it is available for purchase.


R. USA, Oct 16th 2014


Die Prothese ist bisher sehr angenehm zu tragen und sieht erstaunlich gut aus! Ich bewundere deine Arbeit.  

F. Germany, Feb 13th 2014       


Tyron, I have received it and all i can say is WOW. Total difference from my original order. From the texture I noticed the skin was thicker. The color was an exact match this time. (…)  The pumping is much easier. Thanks again and all the best.

R. USA, Feb 7th 2014 (this is his 2nd Phase3, the first was made in early 2013)



Hallo! Ihr seid die besten und nehmt uns Trangender die sich nicht oder derzeit noch nicht zu einem Penoid entschließen wegen der zahlreichen OperationsRisiken einen Riesen großen Rucksack mit Sorgen und schenkt uns Lebensqualität und Selbstbewusstsein!! Ihr seit großartig!! Allerbesten Wünsche Frohe Weihnachten und alles gute fürs neue Jahr!

J.  Austria, January 2014


Hello Tyron ! I have very good news. My prosthetic works !! I can get it erect then release. Everything is ok now, thanks to you !! I thank you very much for your help (because it wasn't so easy for you). You are a real professional and I will tell all my ftm friends how great you and your prosthetics are.

W. France, January 2014


Hello and happy new year!   I received my prosthetic a little over a month ago and it really is everything I could ever imagine it to be. After a about a week it has become a part of me. My girlfriend loves it and it has brought intimacy to another level for us.   Sincerely,  

T. USA, December 2013


Hallo Tyron!     Bitte veröffentlichen J     Ich habe Gestern die Prothese erhalten, sie ist ein Wahnsinn! So Naturgetreu habe ich sie mir nicht vorgestellt! Meine Frau ist auch sehr begeistert. Ich weiß heute schon, das mir die Prothese meinen Lebensstandart sehr erhöht.   Vielen, vielen Dank für eure einzigartige Leistung! Bitte macht so weiter…..   Ganz Liebe Grüße aus Österreich.

A. Austria, December 2013 


Hello,  Just a note to let you know I received my prosthetic(....). It looks fantastic and seems to be very easy to use. I'm waiting for the Adhesive that was recommended that I ordered locally to arrive. Can't wait to wear it and use it.  Thank you so much for creating this beautiful product. My girlfriend and I opened it together and were so impressed by how realistic it is and how well it matches my skin tone.  I know there's a video mentioned but could not find it on your page.  The handbook was extremely helpful.  Thanks again for helping so many people feel complete.  Cheers, 

S. Canada, November 2013


Thanks so much tyron!  (...) I'm just thankful and grateful for all the hard work you do for us. I never found a better product then yours.   

K. USA, November 2013


Hi again, I just wanted you to know that I got the new parts, installed them and find they work so much better than the original parts. I'm still getting the hang of the pump and release but I am getting it.  Of course, I'm still very pleased with the aesthetics.   (...) With that, I just wish to say thank you again and I look forward to future orders and developments with the project.  Feel free to use any aspect of my emails for anonymous feedback. Yours,

O. Ireland, October 2013


Hi Tyron !! Thank you for your answer. I really enjoy the prosthetic Very easy to pump and release within 15 seconds for me :)

W. France, October 2013


Bonsoir Monsieur,   voici mon ressenti de mon tyron: niveau de la texture c'est très doux, et a l'œil réaliste totalement.  Pour la plaque en U je trouve ça malin, et tient mieux que le tyron d'avant.  recouvrir son gland avec la peau qui reste c'est vraiment super.  Quand je suis en érection c'est très doux, mais par contre je mets plus de 20  minutes à l'être pas évident la manipulation.    pour ne plus être en érection pas si simple, je ne trouve pas la valve!  il manque la vidéo ca aiderait. 

  Concernant ma femme, pour elle, le ressenti est beaucoup plus doux.  Elle a plus de sensation avec ce tyron.  Le visuel est superbe.      je pense que vous frôlez la perfection.  Bien à vous l'artiste.  Et merci encore   

M. France, July 2013


Bonjour Tyron, Après quelques mois d'utilisation je peux vraiment donner un témoignage complet de la tyron 3.

Je l'adore! J'avais la tyron 2 avant et vraiment ça n'a rien à voir avec la phase 3. La phase 3 est vraiment réaliste, ma copine la trouve vraiment bien à la vu et au toucher.

Pour le sex, c'est vraiment du bonheur, pour elle et pour moi. Je découvre que l'on peut avoir du plaisir avec une prothèse, enfin!! Pour les relations, je porte un jock strap car je préfère pour le maintient, et ça évite les moments embarrassants si la prothèse se détache pendant l'acte...  Pour ce qui est de la colle, j'ai essayé au début avec la hollister mais ça ne collait pas bien alors j'ai utilisé la colle secure brand qui marche très bien, ma prothèse reste collée plus de deux jours, même en prenant une douche. Vous pouvez si vous le souhaitez mettre ce temoignage en ligne. Je vous remercie pour votre travail. Le seul point négatif c'est les frais de douane mais ça vous n'y pouvez rien.

L. France, July 2013


Hello,  Yeah I'm getting there, improving my technique with practice. I must say that the new tab style is genius. Very well done on a great product and thank you very much.

R. England, July 2013


Hi Tyron et al.,   Apologies for taking so long to get back to you with you with more feedback.   I've being using the prosthesis regularly now for a while and am extremely happy with it. The aesthetics, both flaccid and erect are the best I've seen on a prosthesis and the difference in size and look in the two states is very impressive and realistic.

I've used prostheses for a few years now and my partner says this is different in that it just feels completely natural. The extra stimulation provided by the blue knob is intense, in short the prosthesis is great for sex for both partners.

The attachment plate is also very good. In the past, with other prostheses, I have had problems with the attachment during cycling and other sports as the attachment doesn't move independently. Further, the design with the 'folds of skin' near the attachment plate make it look far more natural when on than other prostheses.   As you make clear on the website and in the instructions pumping up the prosthesis does take focus - it can't be done 'surreptitiously'. I am having trouble deflating it afterwards, despite thinking I had got this early on. Again, you make it clear that this takes a bit of getting used to in the instructions. 

As regards how it could be improved, nothing immediately comes to mind. It would be great if inflating and deflating were a little easier, but I realise that this will get easier with more practise and that there are competing demands here - the problem of creating something that will deflate relatively easily when required, but won't deflate despite pressure when not required. The length of time for adhesion is limited by the adhesive, the type of activities, sweat etc. - the design of the attachment plate is already very good. There is the 'stand to pee' function that I know you are working on.

This an outstanding product and I would not be without it now. Customer service and communication at all stages is also excellent and I really appreciate all the extra efforts you went to with regard to my complicated delivery information. As I said before, my expectations were high, but you have exceeded them. The amount of research and attention to detail that has gone into this is clearly evident. Congratulations on a great product!   Many thanks and all the best,  

A. Australia, July 2013           


Hi Tyron, I just wanted to let you know the prosthetic has arrived.    First impressions- I am extremely impressed, it looks amazing (...) I've used high end prostheses before, but this looks far superior. (...)   I had very high expectations, but I suspect you will have exceeded them.   Thank you!

A. Australia, June 2013


Hi Tyron,   I received my t3 late last Friday. (...) I wanted to wear it for a while before writing you. Feel free to use any or all of my comments.   While the color I picked turned out to be way too dark (so much for the lighting in my bathroom), I am pleased in all other regards. It is beautiful, well-made, comfortable, and performs as described on your website. It's amazing really! The instruction manual provided is well-written and concise. I had no trouble figuring out how to attach the prosthesis or use the pump to go from flaccid to erect and back. I also appreciated the tips and side notes. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into designing a quality, fairly realistic, high functioning FTM prosthesis and working hard to keep it affordable. Using it, I feel that much closer to being a fully realized male. 


T. USA, June 2013  


Thanks for your attention, and for the update. I like this prosthetic a lot, it is the best on the market. I think it could stay stuck to the body for more time and for me it is a little difficult to put it in the relaxed state, but it’s wonderful

C. Spain, June 2013


“Hallo Tyron, Habe die Prothese erhalten. Ich war sehr erstaunt wie naturgetreu sie aussieht und sich anfühlt. Habe sie natürlich gleich positioniert und im Sport getestet. SUPER SUPER KLASSE ! Beim aufpumpen tue ich mir noch etwas schwer, die Fingerfertigkeit habe ich noch nicht im Griff- aber learning by doing. Sehr angenehm zu tragen und sieht in der Hose toll aus. Meine Frau ist auch sehr begeistert. Vielen Dank dass es euch gibt. Liebe Grüße... PS. Werde euch auf jeden Fall wärmstens weiter empfehlen.”


Later... “Hallo Tyron, selbstverständlich kannst du von meiner Mail bzgl. der Referenz zur aktuellen Phase3 zitieren, sie ist mit Abstand das Beste was es auf der ganzen Welt gibt. Mit Grüßen...”


N., Germany, May 22nd 2013





“Hi Tyron, You have my permission to publish quote from my e-mail. If you want, you can also disclose the following phrases: t2-prosthesis gives me a feeling of masculinity through its appearance and functionality. I feel more confident in everyday life. The creator of the prosthesis has very well understood how bitter it can be to cope with physical limitations and the depression with which people who are affected the same way as I do live every day. I cannot express in words my gratitude to the makers of the prosthesis. Thank you Tyron for such a commendable creative activity, which cannot be fully appreciated!”


R., Czech Republic May 21st 2013





“Hallo Tyron, tolle Prothese, sieht wirklich echt aus. Nur das Auslassen des Ventils benötigt etwas Übung. Die Kosten für den Zoll betrugen 250 Euro. Ich benütze als Kleber den Haftspray, funktioniert sehr gut. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und habe ein neues Lebensgefühl.  Es hat alles super funktioniert von der Bezahlung bis zum Versand. Ich hatte meine Prothese ab Zustellung innerhalb von fünf Tagen. Danke immer weiter so. LG E.”



E., Austria, May 20th 2013






“Pour ce qui des témoignages il n'y pas de soucis vous pouvez vous servir de ce que je vous ai déjà envoyé et ajouter ceci: -La prothèse est encore plus réaliste que la phase 2 au toucher et à la vue -Elle est très confortable et reste fixée beaucoup plus longtemps que la phase 2 -Plus de plaisir dans les rapports sexuels grâce au fait qu'il n'y a plus d'attache arrière. Je pourrais passer ma journée à complimenter la phase 3 j'en suis extrêmement satisfait, Tyron vous avez encore une fois comblé ma vie avec vos idées et votre ingéniosité. Un grand MERCI à vous.”



“As for testimonials, no problem, you can use everything I sent you, and add the following: - The prosthesis is even more realistic than the Phase2 as far as sight and touch are concerned - It is comfortable to wear and remains attached much longer than the Phase2 - More pleasure during sex given the fact that there is no more rear attachment plate. I could spend my day making compliments about the Phase 3. I’m very happy with it. Tyron, once again, you fulfilled my wishes with your ideas and your ingenuity. A huge THANK YOU.”


L., France, May 21st 2013




“Pour l'ensemble global je dirai que c'est un produit de très grande qualité qui est vraiment très réaliste et qui a l'air de fonctionner très bien. J'ai hâte de le tester. Donc très belle prothèse à la hauteur de mes espérances. Aucun regret, satisfait.”


Translation: “On the whole, I would like to say that it’s a top-quality product, which is very realistic and seems to work very well. I can’t wait to try it. It’s a very beautiful prosthesis, which fulfills my hopes. I have no regrets at all, I’m satisfied.”


Y., France, May 21st 2013






“Thank you. I received it today. It looks great.”


R., USA, April 26th 2013





“Hey Tyron- Feel free to publish. I do love it. It works well, now that I've figured out the release valve. Definitely a light touch is key. As far as the key parts for me. It looks realistic. When I first got it my wife just stared at it and said "wow, just WOW.” So good in the realistic department. Sexually. Feels great.”


C., USA, May 20th 2013





“Bonjour Tyron, j'ai bien reçu la prothèse aujourd'hui ! Je suis très content ! Maintenant il faut que je m'entraine pour la gonfler et que je fasse des essais avec la colle ! Merci, ....”



“Hello Tyron, I received the prosthesis today! I’m very happy! Now I need to practice inflating it and to try the adhesive! Thank you, ...”


L., UK, April 22nd 2013





“Hello Tyron, You've come to perfection, I don’t imagine you could ever improve it (except to urinate standing), and honestly, I find it very difficult to include that function, I told you a long time ago and I repeat, YOU ARE A GENIUS. It is more comfortable to wear than the Phase2, it’s very soft and pleasant to the touch. Thank you very much for thinking of us in our urge to feel like the rest of men. You're great. A big hug from Spain.”


C., Spain, April 18th, 2013





Testimonials: Phase2 2007 - 2010


"...I wanted to let you know that I received the package last week and I am quite impressed! It looks and behaves just as I expected! What I plan to do is wear it full time and let you know how it's going. I'm pleased with how it's going so far. It's very comfortable, even for sleeping. I'm using the Hollister adhesive you mention on your site and it's working great. Take care and thank you for offering such a great alternative to phallo."


C., USA, 19 Apr 2010





"...I got the prosthetic today, thank you very much. Very beautiful work!!"


J., France, 18 Mar 2010





"...Another thing I wanted to tell you was, once again, thank you.  I can't even explain with words how f----- g awesome I've felt today. [...] I'm glad that you found a way to make all of us feel better."  


M., Norway, 2010





"Hallo Tyron, hab die Prothese erhalten... Danke dir für die fertigstellung... bin auf den ersten blick erstaunt über die änlichkeit zu einem biologischen exemplar... : ) Muss sie  aber erst ausprobieren und mich damit anzufreunden ... Werde mich gerne mit fragen an dich wenden... Liebe grüsse,und herzlichen dank."


G., Germany, 14 Aug 2009





"Gidday Tyron ... First, I would like to commend you on your design - it's brilliant! [...]"


L., Australia, Oct 20, 2009





"Just got it today.  Wow, it's light and the workmanship is fantastic. I have not tried it on yet, but I'm looking forward to it."


J., USA, 9 Nov 2009





"I have been using the prosthetic for some time now, so as I promised, here is my feedback. I am so very happy that I bought it! [...] Sex is fantastic (that's what my wife says) - for me it is an unbelievable experience both physically and mentally. [...] To summarise - THANKS A LOT FOR THIS FANTASTIC THING! It is so good that I'm wondering what Phase3 might be :)))"



M., Poland, 16 Nov 2009  




"I will keep you posted on my impressions of the product as time passes – I still think it is a work of art!"



H., UK, 3 Aug 2009  





"Cheers for your work, it is very realistic and the system functions really well!! [...] In any case, I am really very happy and satisfied, and I thank you still a thousand times for this marvelous invention, for your great availability and your sympathy throughout our  correspondences!"


M., France, 19 Jan 2010  




"Je suis trés heureux de ma prothése elle fait vraiment parti de moi, le toucher est incroyable et en plus elle est super douce, la couleur est parfaite. Heureusement qu'il a y des gens comme vous pour comprendre notre demande. Merci sans vous ma vie sexuelle n'aurait pas prit se sens. Ma femme est trés contente, et moi je suis aux anges. C'est tellement bon de ne plus etre frustré et d'etre enfin heureux. Quel talent ......Bravo l'artiste."




I am very happy with my prosthesis - it really has become a real part of me. The touch is incredible; it is super soft, the color is perfect. [We are lucky that] there are people out there like you who understand what we need. Thank you - without you, my sexual life would never have taken off. My wife is very content, and me, I am in Heaven. It is so good not to be frustrated any more, and to finally be happy. What talent...Bravo, artist.)


S., France, 25 Mar 2010





"J'ai bien reçu la prothèse et je suis très content! Merci pour tout ce travail, c'est formidable!"




“I received the prosthetic and I am very happy with it! Thank you for all your hard work - it's wonderful!”)



L., France, 23 Jun 2010





"Hi Tyron,

Thank you so much. Now for the reason I am writing.


I am 55 years old and that may seem old to some of your customers - however, trust me, it is not old. I completed my surgeries 35 years ago, so my transition was completed long before some that may read this were born. I have tried so many products to help me feel complete it is hard to imagine. Many times I have been disappointed, not to mention the cost. Many of the products come in limited skin tones, are too bulky for daily use and intercourse, and much too heavy. The (...) prosthesis purchased from (...) was so heavy and uncomfortable I had to buy another for daily use.


Your workmanship and dedication are outstanding. For the first time, I feel complete.


There is nothing on the market today that comes close to what you have produced.


To many individuals your product may appear expensive - I would like to remind these young men to calculate the cost they have spent on inferior products, then start saving. I can only imagine what phase3 will be. Your ongoing project has been a great success. The color was great and is about 2 shades darker than my skin tone.


I really can't say enough. Thanks again. Please feel free to post this email all or in part, what ever you would like."



M., USA, 5 Jan 2009





"Nochmal danke! Unglaublich gute arbeit. Respekt!"



C., Germany, 29 Jun, 2009




"...Das Päckchen ist gut angekommen. Wunderbar die Prothese, alles perfekt. Danke, dass du einem zu einem neuen Lebensgefühl verhilfst damit."



S, Germany, 27 Jun, 2009





 “...I'm thrilled to have received my "project" and glued it on for the first time yesterday. Very lovely. Hard to believe how it looks. When I turn in the mirror so you can't see the seams, it's Amazing, and I'm sure I'll have absolute confidence in the locker room or anywhere. Also, [...] the back piece is not even visible. The elastic is not at all uncomfortable as I was worried it would be ...”


Q, USA, 24 May, 2009





"Got the package. Thanks man. You are a genius!"



K, USA, 14 May, 2009




"...I have received my prosthetic and it looks great!! Thanks for all your time and attention. "


H, USA, 25 Apr, 2009





“Thank you so much. It seems to be perfect. I will recommend you to my friends. All the best!”


B, Hungary, 20 Apr, 2009 “The work you do is truly amazing.”



M, USA, 05 Apr, 2009





“...Je vous remercie pour votre professionnalisme, et applaudis la qualité de votre travail. Cordialement...”



“...I thank you for your professionalism, and applaud the quality of your work. Best regards.”)



D, France, 28 Jan, 2009





“As you've noticed, the prosthesis works very well in all respects.  Both my wife and I agree. Greetings - forever grateful to you.”



D, Spain, 20 Jan 2009





“O.K. you're a genius, the prosthesis is a marvel. A greeting and congratulations - you're great.”


C, Spain, 15 Jan 2009






 “I am very satisfied with the prosthetic. It is much much better than any other one that's on the market. It feels completely natural and functions very well. Thank you for everything!”


M, USA, 29 Dec 2008





 “The sex is incredible.”



S, Canada, 13 Dec 2008





“I have to agree your prosthetics are by far superior then any I have seen, and give a better alternative to surgery since]one still maintains sexual feeling [...] I am beyond grateful for designers such as yourself."



C, USA, 11 Dec 2008





“Let me tell you first how thankful I am with your work and dedication, you are really a professional and give the best attention.The prosthetic arrived yesterday, and I think it looks great! Thanks again.”


A, Mexico, 25 Nov 2008





“First, I want to tell you that the prosthesis is fantastic - very real, soft, almost identical color - in short, I do not know which qualities tell, does all. But beyond all this, what is the most wonderful feeling is the cognitive development.”


C, Spain, 06 Nov 2008





 “Pour la prothése c'est du super boulot Tyron! C'est remarquable!Elle est très confortable et réaliste, j'en arrive à l'oublier quand je la porte! Pareil pour les relations. Le ressenti et sensations sont extra!...En tout, cas c'est vraiment du bon boulot Tyron! Merci.”




“The prosthetic is great work, Tyron! It’s outstanding! It is comfortable and realistic, I come to the point of forgetting I’m wearing it! It’s the same for sex.The feelings and sensations are amazing!… Anyway, you really did a good job Tyron! Thank you.”)



N, France, 20 Jul 2008






“Thanks again for all that you have done. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing.”


D, United Kingdom, 26 Jun 2008




“Thank-you very much, it looks and feels amazing...You have an amazing talent...your work truly is amazing and life-transforming...Many Thanks.”


C, Canada, 21 Apr 2008





“Keep up the good work, and I personally believe this product should be up for an award in the medical health & technology section of our industry. You’ve revolutionized the FTM resource market."


J, South Africa, 18 Apr 2008



“The prosthetic is fantastic, the design and functionality is brilliant - I've ordered all the previous models from [...] and yours is head and shoulders above these [...] Thanks for the wonderful service provided - the product is most certainly one of the best medical devices I've seen in the past couple of years."


J, South Africa, 11 Feb 2008





"The color is perfect and the design is genius! "


H, USA, 30 Oct 2007






"Please let me say right away how unbelievable this prosthetic is. It is incredible. It is beyond words. It is everything I hoped for and more. I am speechless. I cannot say enough about how comfortable it is, how real it feels, and how innovative the workmanship is. I am blown away! Everything is AMAZING. You are a true genius."


J, USA, 02 Aug 2007





"Well what can I say you have worked really hard at making and designing it, I can't fault it at all once you get use to it. Today was the first time I wore it out and that is because I didn't feel right with it in the flaccid state. I discovered that I wasn't pulling the foreskin over the shaft enough, once I had mastered that, we were away. When you sell them, put it in capital letters that they must persevere with and play around a lot, and then they will realise how good it is. Also the other thing initially that I wasn't doing was pumping it up enough. The other thing also that I found hard to get use to was that in its flaccid state it is twice the size of Phase1, which I have been wearing. ... Thank you, Tyron, for all your hard work, and I hope it pays off for you."



M, England, 17 Jun 2007





"..Sex .. einfach nur geil. Meine Frau findet ihn sehr realistisch und spürt ihn wohl auch entsprechend. Abends hatte ich Fußball-Training. Also ich hatte ja ein bißchen Angst ihn zu verlieren. Wir spielen ja Indoor-Soccer. Das heißt Du spielst mir vier Personen in einer Squash-Halle. Du bist also eine Stunde lang komplett unter Strom, entsprechend bist Du natürlich auch am schwitzen. Ich dachte mir, dass er vom Kleber her vielleicht nicht hält, aber meine Angst war unberechtigt. Hat alles überstanden...Bombenfest, also gar keine Probleme. * fühlt sich realistisch an, * sieht realistisch aus (wenn ich ein T-Shirt anhabe und man sieht die Klebebefestigung nicht, sieht es echt aus) * man hat ein super gutes Gefühl (wenn man mal raus hat wie er richtig sitzt!!) * beim Sex haben beide Seiten etwas davon * beim Sport in der Umkleide-Kabine ist er völlig unauffällig und man kann sich ohne Angst aufzufallen, bewegen * ich fühle mich super damit und gehe auch Selbstbewusster (<- komisch, ist aber so!)"



T, Germany, 08 Aug 2007